Arctic Frontiers

The upcoming conference Arctic Frontiers 2019 in Tromsø - Smart Arctic - gives several opportunities to get a taste of the ongoing research taking place at NORCE. Get the overview here.


NORCE is becoming even stronger as Norut merges with the new research institute.

Photo copyright: Norut.
New job

Norut is looking for new staff. We have two permanent positions for Research Scientists in Analytical Chemistry and Synthetic Organic Chemistry. 

Oil on ice. Photo: Jouko Pirttijärvi, SYKE.

Norut Narvik is taking part in a new EU Horizon 2020 project focusing on the development of Arctic oil spill response methods and the evaluation of their environmental effects.

Illustration: Red liver.

A new type of immunotherapy against liver cancer is so promising that Norut has been granted nearly NOK 10 million to continue the research.

Enhance solubility of n-hexadecane. Photo: Norut.

Biosurfactants produced by Norwegian cold-tolerated bacteria enhance biodegradation of oil pollution. They can be used as a “greener” alternative to chemical surfactant.

From Barents Biocentre Lab. Photo: Guro Storskjær/
New enterprise

Had it not been for the Arctic climate and Barents Biocentre Lab, Barentzymes would not exist. Twelve employees from Norway and Denmark are today attending the opening of the head office in Tromsø.

Barents Biocentre Lab. Photo: Guro Storskjær/

We are looking for a PhD candidate within advanced peptide synthesis and structure elucidation.