Harald Johnsen

Research theme: 

Development of application of satellite radar, with special focus on oceanography. Other areas of interest are in general radar interferometry and satellite oceanography.


Current position: senior reseach scientist at Norut IT

1981: Master degree in physiscs from University of Tromsø

1984: Ph.D in experimental physics from University of Tromsø

1984 - 1986: Research assistent at the Auroral Observatory in Tromsø

1986 -2003: Research manager, Earth Observation Group at Norut IT

2003 - : Senior research scientist at the Earth Observation Group

2003 - : Coordinator of the EU FP5 project, "EnviWave", and project manager for the development of the Wave Mode algorithms and products of the ESA Earth observation satellite, Envisat.
Member of the ESA Envisat calibration and validation team.

Work areas: 

Senior Research Scientist with responsibility for satellite oceanography research activities. Development of applications of satellite radar data within operational oceanography and marine meteorology.