Roar Andreassen

Research theme: 
  • Materials and corrosion
  • Damage Analysis
  • Material models


2006 - : Norut Teknologi A.S., Narvik, Part-time post, Researcher II

1999 - : Førstelektor university college in Narvik

1994-1997: Research collaboration with Statoil, Trondheim, CO2-corrosion

1991-1992: Statoil operations, Bergen, exchange positions in materials and corrosion

1987-1999: Høgskolelektor Narvik Ingeniørhøgskole / Høgskolen i Narvik, filial Alta

1980-1984: Porsanger kommune, Lektor at NKI's Ingeniørhøgskole

1974-1986: Teaching Jobs in Science


1990-1999: Post- and further education in metallurgy, corrosion and mechanics
1968-1973: M.Sc. in Chemistry, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Teknisk-naturvitenskapelig forening, TEKNA (tidl. NIF)
Association of Corrosion Engineers, NACE International

Work areas: 

Roar Andreassen has a part time post at Norut Narvik.