Tom Rune Lauknes

Research theme: 

Remote sensing using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) interferometry. Special focus is on long-term deformation mapping using space borne SAR interferometry (InSAR) for geohazard applications.


2004: M.Sc. (Cand. Scient) in Physics, Electrical Engineering Group,University of Tromsø. Thesis title: "Long-Term Surface Deformation Mapping using Small-Baseline Differential SAR Interferograms."

PDF version of Master Thesis

2005-2006: Research Scientist, Norut IT.

2006-2010: Research Scientist, Norut IT and PhD student at Department of Physics, University of Tromsø.

2010: Research Scientist, Norut Tromsø.

2011: PhD in Physics, University of Tromsø. Doctoral thesis: Rockslide Mapping in Norway by Means of Interferometric SAR Time Series Analysis

Work areas: 

Develop algorithms for multi-temporal interferometric SAR processing.