Health and Welfare

Health and Welfare


Flag map of Latvia. Illustration: Wikimedia Commons.

Migration trends from Latvia to Norway show a steep increase in past few years.

On Monday August 27, the Minister of Education and Research took a closer look at Norut’s planes. “This offers very many exciting opportunities,” summed up Kristin Halvorsen.

How do the younger generations view their own future in the north? The new book Rural futures? deals with young people finding their place in a changing labour market.

Old people have fun staying in shape with video games. Scientists now want to develop suitable games.

What if sensitive content from your health record is published on an open Wiki? There are several cases from USA and UK of loss of patient data. This could also occur in Norway.


A new collaboration agreement between the Northern Arctic Federal University (NArFU) and Norut will be signed this week during the Norwegian Days in Arkhangelsk.

Women in the Norwegian Armed Forces are thriving, but there are too few of them. The Armed Forces now want to find out why their target of a higher proportion of women has not been met.

Pupils in Troms are choosing science subjects. The initiative to promote science subjects has probably had a positive effect, according to Norut’s evaluation.