Health and Welfare

Health and Welfare


Research scientists from Norut Alta-Áltá and Finnmark University College have jointly studied why so many pupils are choosing to drop out of upper secondary school in Finnmark.

All over the world, million of users are generating their own health information on the Internet, both on blogs and on YouTube.

The Social Science Research group of Norut Tromsø focuses on the following themes:

The unemployment rate among youth in the Barents Region is higher than in other parts of Scandinavia.

Which qualities of a place make people want to move there to live? Norut Alta - Áltá is researching the desire to move to and keep living in a specific place and place development.

Much of today's health education is not targeting your personal needs, and you may be lost on the Internet looking for health information. But in a few years...

The future of healthcare technology has no wires. Researchers at Norut and TTL have proven that point by creating a wireless system for personalised health care.

Increasingly more residents of Finnmark travel to the University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN) in Tromsø for treatment. Norut Alta has studied why.