ICT and Digital Media

ICT and Digital Media


Old people have fun staying in shape with video games. Scientists now want to develop suitable games.

NoCry is one of three projects with Norwegian participants leading the way in European regional development – and Norut and Norinnova are participating.

What if sensitive content from your health record is published on an open Wiki? There are several cases from USA and UK of loss of patient data. This could also occur in Norway.


A new collaboration agreement between the Northern Arctic Federal University (NArFU) and Norut will be signed this week during the Norwegian Days in Arkhangelsk.

More than 1000 people in 70 countries watched films streamed via the internet from the Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF) in Tromsø – and a filmmaker in Gaza paid extra attention.

Far North Living Lab is experimenting further with file sharing technology at a cinema. The Russian film Pudovkin’s Mother was recently distributed with live sound.

The Far North Living Lab was launched 22th of June 2009 in the city of Tromsø, Norway.


All over the world, million of users are generating their own health information on the Internet, both on blogs and on YouTube.