ICT and Digital Media

ICT and Digital Media


What do electronica fans, creative young entrepreneurs and ICT research scientists have in common?

Much of today's health education is not targeting your personal needs, and you may be lost on the Internet looking for health information. But in a few years...

The future of healthcare technology has no wires. Researchers at Norut and TTL have proven that point by creating a wireless system for personalised health care.

Can the public health service learn anything from visionary thinkers in other fields? The telemedicine conference in Tromsø this summer is attracting leaders from Microsoft, Harvard, WHO and IBM.

What if computers physically meet and get introduced to other computers by their friends?

Our core competence is within net-centric computing, mainly related to

You ring Grandpa's doorbell, but nobody is at home. Where is Grandpa? And where are all the words that keep disappearing?

Access to the European research arena shall become easier for Norwegian SMEs dealing with eHealth. That is what Sigurd Sjursen and Norut IT are aiming at.