Innovation, Industry and Regional Development

Innovation, Industry and Regional Development


Pupils in Troms are choosing science subjects. The initiative to promote science subjects has probably had a positive effect, according to Norut’s evaluation.

Arctic Frontiers

More than 700 scientists, business people and politicians are gathering at Arctic Frontiers in Tromsø from January 24-29. Norut is one of the conference organisers.

There is growing optimism, but an extremely high level of uncertainty. That sums up the general economic outlook in Northern Norway.

Strengthened collaboration can provide a golden triangle in Northern Norway between Andøya, Tromsø and Narvik.

Norut and SINTEF have gazed into the future and on September 8 they will present scenarios for industrial development in the north 20 years into the future.

The Research Initiative for Northern Norway is becoming a great research initiative for Norut. Norut is participating in all five major initiatives for the next five years.

The maritime industry is the fourth largest industry in Northern Norway, a new study by Norut Narvik shows.

The role of Norwegian municipal councils within local community development has been charted for the first time - and the municipal councils believe they are making a major effort.