Innovation, Industry and Regional Development

Innovation, Industry and Regional Development


A fresh report by Norut Alta-Áltá draws attention to the major energy challenges in Finnmark and the need for new gridlines.

The first ever book about the tourism industry in the Nordic region has been published - and research scientists from Norut Tromsø are among the contributors.

The cod has more roles than satisfying lutefisk enthusiasts in the pre-Christmas period. The battle about the coastal cod is worthy of an exhibition.

The Social Science Research group of Norut Tromsø focuses on the following themes:

The unemployment rate among youth in the Barents Region is higher than in other parts of Scandinavia.

Norut Alta - Áltá has now evaluated the Norwegian parliament's 2004 crisis package of NOK 75 million for new and lasting employment on the Finnmark coast.

A fresh report from Norut Alta-Áltá states that many Alta women want to become a member of a political party so they can make a contribution to the local community.

Which qualities of a place make people want to move there to live? Norut Alta - Áltá is researching the desire to move to and keep living in a specific place and place development.