Climate and Environment

Climate and Environment


The cod has more roles than satisfying lutefisk enthusiasts in the pre-Christmas period. The battle about the coastal cod is worthy of an exhibition.

Norut Alta has prepared an impact assessment report about the impact that development of the Goliat oil field in the Barents Sea may have on Saami conditions in the region.

A quarter of the world's undiscovered petroleum resources can be located in the Arctic, which provides good reason to specialise in Arctic Technology.

A centre for cold climate research in Narvik is closer to becoming a reality with the decision that NOK 5.4 million will be spent over the next two years.

When an oil spill has occurred it is important to contain and recover the oil as quickly as possible. Norut Narvik has studied various sorbent materials.

Special skills are related to signal analysis and image processing, particularly related to:

Norut Technology is underway with the development of recipes for treatment of oil-contaminated soil with microbial action. The method is both cheaper and more effective than earlier treatment methods.

When the accident has happened and the oil has leaked out it is important to be able to quickly determine the extent of the contamination. Norut Technology has tested a new measurement instrument that makes this work easier.