Climate and Environment

Climate and Environment


When an oil spill has occurred it is important to contain and recover the oil as quickly as possible. Norut Narvik has studied various sorbent materials.

Special skills are related to signal analysis and image processing, particularly related to:

Norut Technology is underway with the development of recipes for treatment of oil-contaminated soil with microbial action. The method is both cheaper and more effective than earlier treatment methods.

When the accident has happened and the oil has leaked out it is important to be able to quickly determine the extent of the contamination. Norut Technology has tested a new measurement instrument that makes this work easier.

Norut Technology has obtained financing for development of an alternative raw material for bio energy in Northern Norway. The title of the project is "Lifecycle-based bio energy in cold climate".

Norut Teknologi is underway with an Interreg III A Nord project which shall investigate the possibilities for commercial use of hardwood forests. The project is part of Norut Teknologi's environmental technology activities.

The hydropower business desire improved methods for calculating the amounts of water that will drain into their reservoirs. Norut IT will develop new methods for remote sensing of snow in the mountains.

Land deformations after the earthquake in Bam, Iran Dec. 26th 2003 can be shown with surprising accuracy. Using radar satellite, scientists at Norut IT are able to detect surface displacements in the millimeter range.