Aquaculture: Drone technology increases safety

Aquaculture: Drone technology increases safety

September 4, 2017
Head of Communication

This small yellow suitcase on the edge of the cage can increase safety in the aquaculture industry.

“This project has international potential,” says the Director of Strategic Projects at Akva Group, Morten Malm.

The world’s largest supplier of aquaculture technology has recently entered into collaboration with Norut and Multiconsult on the development and testing of the digital risk management system AKVA Safe Guard.

AKVA Safe Guard monitors weather, wind, currents and various strains at the fish farm in real-time. The system can detect changes and forecast conditions on the surface and under water with high precision.

Together with Lerøy Aurora, Norut and Multiconsult have spent the past five years developing and testing the new safety system for fish farms. The tool is designed to provide the operational management at the fish farm with information that is as precise as possible as a basis for decision making.

The experience from Lerøy Aurora is that the system has led to safer operations for the staff, increased security against escapes and less wear and tear at the facility. Lerøy Aurora, which has contributed large sums to the development and testing of AKVA Safe Guard, believes the knowledge generated by the system will increase safety and reduce operational costs at the facilities.

AKVA Safe Guard was launched at Aqua Nor on 15 August. The system consists of advanced software, sensors, communication boxes, as well as software for visualisation of data.

Much of this is based on communication and drone technology developed by Norut over many years. The high-flying technology is now being taken down to sea level and transformed into a useful tool for one of Norway’s largest industries.