Assessing gas initiative in Narvik

Assessing gas initiative in Narvik

February 12, 2013
Head of Communication

Norut is about to map the possibilities for an LNG plant in Narvik.

There are many markets for natural gas. However, the bringing of natural gas to land will demand major receivers of the gas. A LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) initiative can lead to increased use of natural gas in Ofoten and Nordland.

Norut is now commencing a project called LNG Bunker for Bulk Carriers. The project will particularly assess the possibilities of using LNG as a bunker fuel for ships. Using Narvik as a junction for LNG transport to Sweden may also be a viable option.

“Nordland County Council has over time worked to bring natural gas to land in the county,” says Executive Councillor for Business Development Arve Knutsen in a press release.

“This project can therefore play a part in establishing a receiving terminal for LNG in Narvik and establishing Ofoten as an important junction for the use of LNG in Northern Norway,” says the executive councillor.

During the project Norut will take a closer look at the following:

  • prognoses for shipping transport via Narvik
  • advantages and environmental gains of using LNG on ships
  • status concerning the use of LNG as a bunker fuel for ships
  • possibilities for converting from today’s oil to LNG/gas as a bunker fuel vs. LNG in new ships
  • estimate the possible gas/LNG volume at the Port of Narvik
  • assess LNG supply chain
  • possible localisation of an LNG receiving terminal
  • assess the realization of an LNG plant in Narvik/Ofoten

Funding providers for the project are the Nordland County Council, LKAB, Port of Narvik and Narvikgården.