Barents Biocentre Lab on the web

Barents Biocentre Lab on the web

May 25, 2012
Head of Communication

The Barents Biocentre Lab is opening. Are you wondering what is hidden inside the walls and what opportunities this offers? Take a look at the lab’s new website.

The official opening of the Barents Biocentre Lab is scheduled for June 1. But if you click on the following link you can already have a peek inside the 650 m² laboratory area:

Barents Biocentre Lab offers rental of laboratories and access to advanced microbiological equipment. BB Lab will also offer courses and training in the use of advanced laboratory equipment.

The lab is located at the Tromsø Science Park and contains both a common laboratory and separate, lockable laboratories for rental. You may rent a laboratory or bench space for a shorter or longer period, and tenants may arrange access to various types of advanced equipment.

Visit the Barents Biocentre Lab’s new website to see an overview of the equipment that is available.

Barents Biocentre Lab has already been tested by tenants prior to the official opening. For rental conditions and contact information to book a lab, please visit the new website.

Barents Biocentre Lab is a subsidiary of the Norut Group.