BitTorrent with 1926 silent movie

BitTorrent with 1926 silent movie

November 9, 2009

Far North Living Lab is experimenting further with file sharing technology at a cinema. The Russian film Pudovkin’s Mother was recently distributed with live sound.

The concert at the Aurora Cinema was part of the Insomnia Festival in Tromsø in October. Electronica musicians Per Martinsen, Aggie Peterson and Sergey Suokas performed self-composed music to accompany the 1926 silent movie Pudovkin’s Mother.

According to Norut Research Scientist Njål Borch, the idea was to stream the concert live to the Notch Festival in Beijing – and to the rest of the world.

Visit the Far North Living Lab’s website to view a sample of the experiment.

Contact person: Research Scientist Njål Borch, Norut Tromsø