Collaboration key to future contracts

Collaboration key to future contracts

September 29, 2009

How can North Norwegian companies get major construction contracts in the north? They are concentrating on collaboration, competence and Arctic technology.

There is a high level of expectation in Northern Norway about major construction projects in the years ahead. New infrastructure in the north has something in common: the Arctic climate and the challenges this involves for design, construction, operation and logistics.

Those who will be awarded contracts in the future must be large enough and have sufficient expertise within the field of Arctic technology. The research community, industry organisations and companies in the north are now joining forces to take on this challenge.

Norut Narvik has a central role in these efforts, through the VRI Nordland project Infrastructure in cold climates and the Research Initiative for Northern Norway (NORDSATSING) project ColdTech – Sustainable Cold Climate Technology.

Major construction projects

The North Norwegian Contractors’ Service Organisation (NESO) is participating in one of the VRI projects. The objective is to establish a collaboration platform designed to put North Norwegian building and construction companies in a position to compete for major construction contracts for which Arctic technology is an important factor.

Sustainable infrastructure

The North Norwegian Association of Heavy Equipment Contractors (MEF) wants to become a leader in power infrastructure in Arctic climates. The association is participating in a project where the aim is to develop collaboration with a particular focus on power infrastructure (power line corridors) and infrastructure for wind power.

Sea and wind power

Nordnorsk Havkraft AS is playing a central role in the collaboration to be a leader within the field of renewable energy in cold climates, with particular focus on sea and wind power.

VRI is the Research Council of Norway’s Programme for Regional R & D and Innovation.

Contact person

Research Director at Norut Narvik, Hugo T. Remlo