Energy efficient buildings

Energy efficient buildings

September 10, 2010

Norut Narvik is participating in a new Nordic research project with the objective of developing energy efficient buildings for cold climate.

The project will build up a network to promote the work on energy efficiency within the building sector. The network will build up expertise on technologies for energy efficient construction, in order to be an advisory resource for the industry.

In August this year, the project “Increasing Energy Efficiency in Buildings” (IEEB) was officially opened. The project, which will span over three years, has a total budget of 14.2 million NOK, 7.2 million NOK of which is founded by the EU programme Interreg IVA Nord.

In addition, the Norwegian part of the project is founded by The Research Council of Norway, Nordland County Council, Betong & Entreprenørsenteret AS, Norcem AS and by contribution from Norut Narvik.

IEEB is a cooperation project between Oulu University of Applied Sciences in Finland, Technical University of Luleå and University of Umeå in Sweden. In addition, several industry partners in each of the three countries are involved in the project.

One of the focus areas is testing and development of measurement techniques for easy measuring the amount of energy consumption in buildings, as well as its distribution.

Measurements will be conducted on existing buildings in the whole region. In this way the improvement areas can be identified and worked with to develop technical solutions and improvements. It will also increase the understanding of how low energy buildings function in cold climate.

Another focus area is the development of common standards and processes, for a better international cooperation within the building sector. The project is on both new and existing buildings of both wood and concrete.

In addition, an important aspect of the work is to spread information about energy efficiency, and to develop cooperation with both industry and public institutions.

The project group hopes that the work will result in an increased activity within energy efficient building in the High North.

Contact persons:

Research Director Bård Arntsen (e-mail: )

Research Scientist Clara Good (e-mail: )