Environmental technology

Environmental technology

September 22, 2004

Environmental technology forms an important and future-oriented area of activity for Norut Narvik.

Our activities within this specialty cover at present:

  • Waste treatment

- Treatment of wet organic waste

- Utilisation of waste from industrial processes

- Handling and treatment of hazardous wastes

- Disposal of construction wastes and waste management/planning

  • Bio-energy

- Combustion for central heating/water-borne heating

- Combustion for electricity (Combined Heat & Power)

- Production of liquid fuel from biomass

  • Production process optimisation
  • Separation technology
  • Gas og oil industry processing
  • Lab/analysis services

Larger projects include

Hardwood biomass: "Mapping and analysis of commercial areas of utilisation for white hardwood biomass". This is a project funded by EU Interreg III A Nordkalotten program, with support from Troms og Nordlands provincial governments. The project is a cooperation with Arvidsjaur district council and Glommers Miljøenergi AB. The goal is to develop a profitable use for local hardwood - as pellets, central heating or as a liquid fuel.

Energy grass: "Lifecycle based bioenergy in cold climates". An application has been sent to Interreg III A Nordkalotten in cooperation with Arvidsjaur district council and Glommers Miljøenergi AB. Development of the concept for cultivating "energy grass" for bioenergy, together with use of the ash from combustion as fertiliser.