In final of EU’s RegioStars Awards

In final of EU’s RegioStars Awards

March 29, 2011

NoCry is one of three projects with Norwegian participants leading the way in European regional development – and Norut and Norinnova are participating.

The NoCry project is one of the 21 projects that have reached the final of the RegioStars Awards. The objective of the competition is to identify good practices in regional development and to highlight original and innovative projects which can inspire other regions.

Northern Creative Youth (NoCry) aims to improve and support the entrepreneurial competence among young artists to establish viable enterprises.

Norut’s contribution in the project is to create a network – a virtual incubator – where entrepreneurs can meet to develop their creative activities into a business concept. Norinnova is also contributing to the project through competence in business incubators.

Contact person

Project leader at Norut Tromsø, Research Scientist Sigurd Sjursen.

Fact box NoCry international consortiumKemi-Tornio University is co-ordinating and responsible for the project, which involves a total of 14 partners from the Northern Periphery: Finland: Rovaniemi University Sweden: Luleå University, Acusticum i Piteå, MediaEnter og PowerHouse i Kramfors, BoomTown i BorlängeScotland: Moray College Faroe Islands: SamVit and KlippfiskNorthern Ireland: The Nervecentre Norut Tromsø is the Norwegian Head of Project and is responsible for technology development. Norinnova is representing expertise within the incubator activities. Tvibit wants to attract creative young entrepreneurs to the project through the culture incubator Yoghurt.Arctic Creative Cluster in Harstad has expertise in the start up of creative businesses. Funding from EU and RDA II Financing of the Norwegian part of the project: The EU programme Northern Periphery Programme 50 % RDA II 45 % (Business oriented funding for regional development) Internal funding from partners 5 % The project started in January 2008 and concludes in 2010.