Ground-breaking collaboration

Ground-breaking collaboration

August 2, 2012

LKAB and Norut Narvik are entering into a collaboration agreement, which in time can lead to significant growth and jobs for Narvik.

The historic agreement was recently signed by both LKAB and Norut Narvik.

LKAB and Norut Narvik both have high expectations for the collaboration, which is already well underway.

“This is an important event for many actors. The agreement with LKAB will strengthen the technological research environment which already exists in Narvik and will in time provide valuable knowledge and competence for us as a research institute and for LKAB as an industrial corporation and as a growth factor for Narvik,” says the Managing Director of Norut Narvik, Terje Nordvåg, adding:

“LKAB is a major industrial driving force in the region and together we can create new opportunities within the areas of process technology and infrastructure. LKAB has been positive from day one in this process. With this agreement, they want to achieve things that can benefit them as a company, Narvik as a town and Northern Norway as a region.”

LKAB on its part is continually working to improve and has searched the world for new knowledge. As a research, development and consultancy partner, the giant iron ore producer found the competence it was looking for in small Narvik.

Positive contribution

The agreement states that LKAB and Norut Narvik will collaborate in areas that provide a positive contribution for the companies or that can lead to economic growth in the High North, including Norrbotten in Sweden and Ofoten in Norway.

In addition to the plans for a railway technology research centre, several other collaborative projects between LKAB and Norut are underway, including the project frost in pellets and two PhD projects working to prepare the conditions in case onshore transfer of gas in the Ofoten region becomes a reality.

In this context an important project or study is “Gas requirements and onshore transfer by branch pipe to Ofoten and North Sweden” in which Norut and LKAB will study the opportunities for the transportation of gas in pipelines from the North Norwegian continental shelf via Ofoten to North Sweden in an industrial perspective.

Railway technology research centre

Norut Narvik is leading the work to take advantage of the Ofoten Line’s excellence to establish a research-based railway technology centre, which in time can employ 15-20 people.

Important collaboration partners are Jernbaneverket (the Norwegian National Rail Administration), LKAB, Nordland County Council and the technology community in Narvik. These partners are also providing funding for the preliminary project Pre-JeTS, which aims to establish a railway technology centre in Narvik.

The aim is to create an internationally recognised centre of expertise for railway technology in Narvik. As well as using the Ofoten Line as a test site for new material and new technological solutions, the plan is to create an R & D environment and an international meeting place for innovation in this field.

In time, the railway technology research centre will have 15-20 employees. In addition, it is envisaged that this centre will pave the way for the industrialisation and commercialisation of new solutions. Further, a railway technology centre in Narvik will have extensive collaboration with the Railway Research Centre in Luleå.

According to the project schedule, the intention is for the centre to be established in early 2013 and be gradually developed. From 2015, the expectation is that the centre will have an annual budget of around NOK 20 million.

Contact person: Managing Director Terje Nordvåg, Norut Narvik