History of the North as computer game

History of the North as computer game

June 30, 2004

Pupils in 9th and 10th grade will be learning about the History of the North in the project called Siida. This will be done by the help of an online gamin platform, where up to 100 persons can play at the same time.

Through the project called "Siida" the Finnmark University College, Norut Samfunn and the company Orgdot AS will develop a virtual world for learning, where pupils will learn borth about past and present.

The project are twofold; both development and research in relation too the introduction of games as part of the learning-programs in comprehensive schools.

In Siida a narrative landscape will be built in collaboration between the pupils. The game will be designed for use in a social setting for learning, but the teacher will have a role as well. The teacher's role will be to reconstruct historical events and then challenge the different groups that have established themselves in the game.

The research part of the project will focus upon the intersubjective skills that develops among the pupils participating, this will be achieved through observations, both upon events in the "virtual world" and in a classroom setting.