Large scale visibility at IBC

Large scale visibility at IBC

October 2, 2018

Being part of the Media City Bergen cluster opens the doors to the market for the Norut spinoff company Motion Corporation.

Text and photo: Media City Bergen

– The Norwegian media industry is at the absolute forefront of broadcast and media tech innovation, said Kristianne Paasche, Special Adviser Innovation Norway, at the opening of the first Media City Village at the IBC – the biggest media tech exhibition in Europe.

Over the past few days, the MCB Pavilion has seen thousands of attendees, all of which have experienced first-hand the cutting edge solutions being created in the Media Cluster. The pavilion has offered a light, Nordic design, with an open and welcoming atmosphere, which has been noticed. Visitors have discovered the technology and solutions of the cluster and, most of all, new contracts have been signed.

MCB Village: A door-opener
Anne Jacobsen, CEO of the Norwegian Media Cluster, stated that the MCB Village has been a definitive success, with a strong positioning of the cluster. 

– We have been able to open the doors to our cluster in a fantastic way, with lots of activity and visibility. We have had non stop traffic to our demos, meetings, user groups, workshops, gatherings, social events, demonstrations, and presentations. Absolutely amazing, Jacobsen said.

In addition to the larger companies at the MCB Village, like Mediability, Myreze and Wolftech, smaller companies and startups have been able to join the stand.

– These companies would not have been able to do this on their own, financially or organization wise. Doing it this cooperative way, has allowed the smaller companies a direct highway to the international market. They seem to have had a very busy schedule and lots of fun, which really has pleased me, Jacobsen said.

One of these companies is Motion Corporation.

– It has been absolutely fantastic, said CEO Njål Borch.

– Showcasing under the Media City Bergen umbrella has given us substantial visibility – not only here at IBC, but also within the cluster.

– We now have access to a lot of interesting and important people, and have had meetings with large, international environments. I must say we are really proud to be part of this community. This stand is giving us the credibility we need. We are part of something big here, Borch said.

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