Manager appointed for Norut’s new office in Bodø

Manager appointed for Norut’s new office in Bodø

April 20, 2016
Head of Communication

Norut has appointed Geir Wiik (59) as the manager of its newly established office in Bodø. Wiik will lead the development of the research company’s drone activity in the Nordland city.

Geir Wiik from Bodø is already a well-known face in the city’s aviation environment. He has a background in the air force and was based near Bodø until his retirement from the Armed Forces in 2014. In his last position, he was head of the Air Section at the operations centre at the Norwegian Armed Forces’ Joint Headquarters at Reitan. Wiik has a total of 38 years’ experience from the Armed Forces, both nationally and internationally. Among his various roles, he was Air Attaché and Assistant Defence Attaché at the Norwegian Embassy in USA from 2005-2008. Geir Wiik graduated from the Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy and also holds a Master of Strategic Studies, which he took in USA.

Norut is establishing an office in Bodø in order to develop and professionalize the drone industry in terms of both service development and operational practices. From its base in Bodø, Norut wants to carry out drone operations, test equipment, qualify services and develop procedures and best practices, in addition to developing and implementing systems relating to airworthiness, standards and certification.

When Geir Wiik heard about Norut’s plans in his home town, he realised that it was far too soon for him to be a pensioner.

“I think it’s wonderful that this is being established in the aircraft city of Bodø and that a research company based in Tromsø is taking such an initiative. I look forward to working between these two environments. We are only seeing the start of the drone activity, and this field will be incredibly exciting in the years ahead,” says Geir Wiik.

Wiik is starting part-time (50%) at Norut immediately and will increase to a full-time position in June. This will coincide with Norut moving into the refurbished premises at the Bodø Science Park.

“Geir Wiik has many years of experience developing and managing aviation-related activities. He also has a large network of contacts in the aviation sector. We are extremely pleased to have acquired such a competent employee to build up our drone activity in Bodø,” says the CEO of Norut, Ivan C. Burkow.

Norut received many well-qualified applicants for the position of manager of its new office in Bodø.

“We have an ambition for rapid growth in Bodø,” concludes Ivan C. Burkow.