Network for harsh weather

Network for harsh weather

March 5, 2012

In the High North, we are collaborating on what we have in common: tough challenges in harsh weather.

That’s what the Norwegians, Swedes and Finns in the Harsh Weather Testing Network (HarshNet) are thinking. The network has been started to benefit from each other’s experiences with weather-related challenges, both occupational and recreational.

Extensive knowledge and technology exists in the High North about cold, long transportation distances and how materials and buildings react to the cold. Norut Narvik is working in particular on the latter. Through the project Cold Tech, Norut is researching:


  • Atmospheric icing on constructions/infrastructure
  • Concrete constructions in cold climate, e.g. ice forces and ice damage to dams
  • The use of solar cells in northern areas
  • Railway operations in cold climate, testing and development


The other participants in HarshNet are contributing to the network with experience and research from such different fields as, for instance, weather-related injuries (e.g. fall injuries on ice), occupational health and large-scale test activity in cold climate (e.g. winter training exercises in the Armed Forces).

The objective of collecting the knowledge in a network is that it shall be more accessible to small and medium-sized companies, industry, research institutions, authorities and end users on an international basis in the north.

Project participants


  • Arbetshälsoinstitutet, Oulu, Finland (leder)
  • Akut- och katastrofmedicinskt centrum, Umeå, Sverige
  • Arvidjaurs Kommun, Sverige
  • Norut Narvik, Norge


This project is financed by


  • Nordland fylkeskommune
  • Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten
  • Interreg Nord
  • Nordkalottrådet


Contact person

Research Scientist Rune Nilsen, Norut Narvik