New faces in cold climate and oil-in-ice

New faces in cold climate and oil-in-ice

September 1, 2015
Head of Communication

Narvik is increasing activity in cold climate technology and oil-in-ice research. Norut has appointed five new specialists to keep pace with the tasks.

Megan O'Sadnick starts on 1 September as a Research Scientist at Norut Narvik. She holds a Master’s degree in geophysics from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Her specialist field is sea ice and she will work in areas including ice force and field measurements and on several oil-in-ice projects (e.g. MOSIDEO and CIRFA).

Martina Salomon has been employed as a PhD Candidate on the oil-in-ice project MOSIDEO. She is a PhD student at NTNU, and her academic background is in pore-scale imaging and analysis.

Raymond Kristiansen has been appointed to a part-time position (equivalent to 50% of a full-time position) as a Research Scientist at Norut from 1 August, in addition to working as an Associate Professor at Narvik University College. Raymond holds a PhD in cybernetics and works with control systems, including in connection with shipping traffic in sea ice-covered waters. At Norut he is working on the OPSIce project.  

Benyamin Akdemir has been appointed to a full-time position until October to model drift of oil-in-ice in the Barents Sea. His academic background includes visualization.

Martin Arntsen has been appointed to a part-time role (equivalent to 25% of a full-time position) in the autumn to assist with laboratory experiments involving oil-in-ice.

The cold climate research activities at Norut Narvik are headed by Research Director Christian Petrich.