New game draws European interest

New game draws European interest

October 10, 2014
Head of Communication

FarmUp is a new Kinect exergame for senior citizens developed in Tromsø. The game generated considerable interest when Norut research scientists recently presented it to a European audience.

Norut is participating in the major European research programme Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), which is focussing on developing welfare technology for an aging population.

Together with partners in Norway, Spain and Switzerland, Norut has developed a set of exergames (short for exercise games), which were demonstrated at the AAL Forum 2014 in Bucharest in September.

The prototype of the new game FarmUp was developed and tested in Tromsø. Norut has collaborated with game developers in PlusPoint about the final design of the games. The user testing has been coordinated by the Tromsøysund parish, which has organized gatherings for older people wanting to keep both their body and mind active.

Watch a demo of FarmUp (YouTube)

Research scientists Ellen Brox and Gunn Evertsen from Norut were met with considerable interest when they demonstrated FarmUp at the conference in Romania.

“Visitors to our stand were enthusiastic. Many municipalities around Europe wish to test this game out on their own senior citizens,” says Research Scientist Gunn Evertsen.

“Private enterprises considering commercializing the game also spent plenty of time at our stand,” adds Senior Research Scientist Ellen Brox.

The research scientists praise their local partners.

“The game stood out in a positive way from much of what was presented at the conference, thanks to the good job done by PlusPoint,” says Gunn Evertsen.

Watch how PlusPoint worked on FarmUp (YouTube, start 1:55)

Balance, coordination and mobility are all challenged when senior citizens play FarmUp. The exercises are developed by physiotherapists at Kliniken Valens in Switzerland. All the partners in the EU project, called GameUp, participated in the design of the games.

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