New report on oil recovery preparedness in the north

New report on oil recovery preparedness in the north

February 7, 2018
Head of Communication

Norut senior research scientists Trond Nilsen and Stig Karlstad have published a new report on innovations and framework conditions in oil recovery preparedness in Northern Norway.

The report provides an overview of relevant business environments in Northern Norway, and how these contribute to the oil recovery preparedness and response.

Three distinctive features may be used to describe the development of North Norwegian oil recovery preparedness for commercial companies:

Firstly, the types of innovation in this sector vary greatly. While we find radical innovations in satellite, downloading and digital surveillance, the collection of resources in the water is characterised by incremental innovations, i.e. step-by-step improvements of known methods and equipment.

Secondly, the framework conditions for companies involved in oil recovery preparedness are challenging. The fact that there are just two buyers of products and services has led to major market power and concentration among these companies.

Thirdly, there are few companies in Northern Norway in this market, and none have the oil recovery sector as their sole market.

The report also provides a comprehensive review of the organisation of the preparedness and maps the operative resources in Northern Norway. The report is published in Norwegian language only.

Trond Nilsen og Stig Karlstad: Innovasjon, organisering og rammebetingelser i nordnorsk beredskap. Norut 1/2018.