Northern Norway towards 2030

Northern Norway towards 2030

September 8, 2009

Norut and SINTEF have gazed into the future and on September 8 they will present scenarios for industrial development in the north 20 years into the future.

Based on Northern Norway’s development potential, as well as the Government’s clear political intensions to invest in the High North, Norut and SINTEF carried out on their own initiative a foresight study for this region. The report describes today’s situation and which technology and research and development requirements an industrial development in Northern Norway will require.

Mineral and petroleum resources

The inaugural result of the collaboration between Norut Narvik and SINTEF Nord is a foresight study entitled "Industriutvikling i Nord-Norge frem mot 2030" (Industrial development in Northern Norway towards 2030).

The study, which has taken one year to complete, has focussed to a high degree on the region’s mineral and petroleum resources, and how these can be used to a far greater degree than today as a basis for industrial growth and community development in Northern Norway.

The foresight study will be launched on Tuesday, September 8 at NarvikUniversityCollege. The official launch will also feature a discussion on the status outlined in the report as well as identifying suggested actions.

This discussion will be an important element in the ongoing work to realise the suggested actions. The debate about the future of Northern Norway involved leaders from the regional industry and business leaders, scientists, politicians and representatives from regional authorities.

The report Industriutvikling i Nord-Norge frem mot 2030 is published in Norwegian language only.

Contact person:Managing Director of Norut Narvik Terje Nordvåg