A Norut guide to Arctic Frontiers

A Norut guide to Arctic Frontiers

January 18, 2012
Head of Communication

Here is an overview of the Norut scientists’ contribution to this year’s Arctic Frontiers.

The international conference Arctic Frontiers takes place in Tromsø from January 23-27. This year’s theme is Energies of the High North. Around 1000 scientists and decision-makers are expected to attend the conference.

Norut is one of the organisers of Arctic Frontiers. Scientists from Norut will contribute to shedding light on this year’s theme from specialist fields as diverse as social science research, earth observation and renewable energy.

Keynote speaker

Research Scientist Trond Nilsen from Norut Alta is one of the invited guests to the science section of the conference.

In his keynote speech, Nilsen will shed light on the connections between multinational companies and northern peripheral societies.

He will use empirical data from the construction of the Snøhvit and Goliat exploration projects in the Barents Sea to discuss the position and role of local companies and local authorities in their meeting with the exploration projects and multinational companies.

  • Wednesday, January 25, 1.15pm-1.45pm: Trond Nilsen - The Meeting between Northern Peripheral Societies and Multinational Companies

Surveillance of oil spills

The head of Norut Tromsø’s efforts involving unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), Research Scientist Rune Storvold, will focus on surveillance of possible oil spills in ice infested waters.

Storvold will present results from ongoing work involving sea-ice classification based on radar satellite data. He will also present manned and unmanned aircraft and various airborne sensor systems, and the possibilities the use of these offers now and will offer in the near future.

  • Wednesday, January 25, 3pm-3.20pm: Rune Storvold - Sea-ice Classification and Detection of Oil in Ice Infested Waters using Remote Sensing

Municipal energy and climate plans

Research Scientist Arild Buanes from Norut Tromsø will detail how municipalities are dealing with challenges and possibilities connected to the energy and climate situation along the North Norwegian coast.

Buanes’ address is based on the municipalities’ energy and climate plans from 2010, and how financial support towards municipal projects through the public company Enova has been handled.

  • Wednesday, January 25, 3.40pm-4pm: Arild Buanes - Municipal Climate and Energy Plans in Northern Norway

Solar energy in the north

Research Scientist Hanna Persson from Norut Narvik will focus on solar electricity as an energy resource in the High North. Noruts solar cell park experiences, and possibilities and challenges in general, will be highlighted.

  • Thursday, January 26, 9.30am – 9.50am: Hanna Persson - Cost-efficient utilization of the solar energy resource in the High North