On the offensive

On the offensive

March 8, 2011

“We have ambitions to grow further,” says Managing Director Terje Nordvåg. Norut Narvik’s staff has trebled since 2004.

Norut Narvik currently has a staff of 40, one-third of which have been recruited from the local area.

The rest come from the top shelf from around the globe. Research Scientists from Russia, India, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Vietnam, Iran, Germany, Poland, Romania and Chile now work at Norut Narvik. This means that Norwegian is not the only language spoken when the team meets around the lunch table.

“We search over the whole world for the competence we require. It’s no good only looking in the High North when we are recruiting scientists,” says Terje Nordvåg, adding: “Even though we are working towards sustainable growth in the north, the research also involves other players in other parts of the world.”

Norut Narvik is owned by Norut Tromsø and Narvik University College.

“Together with us, Narvik University College plays an important role in Narvik’s well-being. HiN takes care of technological education and we jointly hold research competence. In this way, we have the opportunity to stimulate the positive development of the technological environment in Narvik.”

“In recent years there have actually been 600-700 new jobs in technological companies in Narvik, but there can be far more,” concludes Terje Nordvåg.