Product development

Product development

November 24, 2005

Product development covers all activities between idea and production.

Product development covers all activities between idea and production. Modern computing technology makes it possible to develop virtual prototypes where the products can be visualised and their strength calculated, allowing optimisation and testing before the physical prototypes are produced. This results in reductions in development time and costs.

Norut Narvik makes use of 3D-modelling in an early phase of the product development process in order to visualise if the product has the desired function and geometrical form. After the product has a suitable geometrical form the data model is converted so that it can be used in computer-based calculation programs based on the finite element method in order to document that the product has sufficient stiffness and strength to absorb the prescribed loadings, strains and stresses. The finite element method is also used on the large scale for optimisation of the structures geometry in order to minimise the products weight or material use, based on the demands for strength and stiffness.

In research and development tasks Norut Narvik uses computer-based tools such as Pro/ENGINEER for geometrical modelling, and amongst others ANSYS and DIANA for finite element method calculations of structures and products.