Renewable energy

Renewable energy

April 27, 2007

The research group's main task is to develop silicon based solar cells.

Norut Narvik has a strong group within renewable energy and especially solar electricity. The main work of the research group concerns development of silicon based solar cells and includes everything from casting of silicon to solar cell modules. The research is performed in cooperation with national and international companies, and a center of competence has been built in Narvik regarding development of new methods for production of solar cells, PVPT, Photo Voltaic Production Technology.

We are also working on the systems side of solar energy, both experimentally and theoretically through simulations. Outdoor testing laboratories for solar cell modules have been set both in Narvik and in Northern Sweden. 

Norut has a large project within the area of passive house techniques and low energy buildings.

The research group is interested in starting up new co-operations with both private and public companies and has good experience in multinational projects. Such projects is normally part financed by Norwegian national funding agencies or EU funds.

Current areas of work

  • Solar energy - Electrical; Silicon Wafers, Cells and Modules - Thermal; Solar Hybrids and Solar Heating
  • Solar Energy Systems - Control, optimization and cold climate adaptation - Simulation of systems
  • Solar cells - Characterization of solar cells materials - Optical, electrical and mechanical analyses and measurements - Surface treatment and thin film techniques - Antireflection and Passivation of solar cells - Electrochemical modification of solar cells
  • PVPT, Photo Voltaic Production Technology
  • Simulation of silicon casting
  • Recycling of silicon and quartz
  • Low energy/passive house building techniques
  • Energy supply for buildings