Research initiative at Norut

Research initiative at Norut

June 16, 2009
Head of Communication

The Research Initiative for Northern Norway is becoming a great research initiative for Norut. Norut is participating in all five major initiatives for the next five years.

On June 16, the Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa, presented the government’s five new major research initiatives for Northern Norway. The projects have a combined value of NOK 175 million to North Norwegian research institutions.

Norut has every reason to celebrate. Norut’s technological research communities in Narvik and Tromsø will manage two of the five projects, while the companies in Alta, Tromsø and Narvik are partners in the three other projects.

Managing two projects

These projects will be managed by Norut:

The entire Norut group is involved in the research initiative. Norut Narvik has Norut Alta - Áltá as a partner in its project on cold climate technology. The government has allocated nearly NOK 50 million for this project.

Norut Tromsø has both Narvik and Norinnova on the team for its project on new technology for remote sensing from satellites and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The government has allocated funding of NOK 40 million to the project on earth observation.


Norut is also among the partners in the three other projects:

  • Subsea Sensors for Oil and Gas (University of Tromsø / Norut Tromsø)
  • Northern Environmental Waste Management (University of Tromsø / Norut Narvik)
  • Service Innovation and Tourist Experiences in the High North: The Co-creation of Value for Consumers, Firms and the Tourism Industry (Bodø Graduate School of Business / Norut Alta - Áltá)


Funding totalling NOK 680 million was sought, and the Minister confirmed the approval of funding for five of the 14 projects. The total budget for the initial five years of the initiative is NOK 175 million.

The two projects Norut is managing have a combined budget of approximately NOK 120 million.

Extremely satisfied

Norut CEO / Managing Director Ivan C. Burkow is extremely satisfied that Norut has gained a central role in the Research Initiative in Northern Norway.

“This is a big and important day for technological research and the tourism and hospitality sector in Northern Norway,” says a happy Burkow. “This initiative will be of major significance for future business development, and it strengthens Norut as a future-oriented and international institute for applied research.”

Arctic technology and tourism and hospitality

The Research Initiative in Northern Norway (NORDSATSING) is the Research Council of Norway’s new initiative to strengthen and develop the research expertise in Northern Norway within Arctic technology and tourism and hospitality.

The Research Council of Norway has budgeted approximately NOK 35 million annually for a five-year period with the option of an extension for an additional three years.