Research millions in the north

Research millions in the north

August 24, 2013

The government promises that the NORDSATSING initiative will be continued for a further three years, up to the end of 2016.

This is likely to mean funding of NOK 120 million for five major projects in Northern Norway, two of which are managed by Norut.

The Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Liv Signe Navarsete, made the promise during a visit to Norut in Tromsø on Thursday.

“Evaluations show that the NORDSATSING initiative has been successful and we therefore wish to continue this initiative for a further three years,” said Navarsete in Tromsø.

“We guarantee NOK 40 million in next year’s budget,” said Navarsete. Equivalent amounts in 2015 and 2016 mean NOK 120 million for good industry-oriented research projects in Northern Norway.

This is extremely important news for the two major research projects Norut manages, Arctic Earth Observation and Surveillance Technologies and Cold Tech (Sustainable Cold Climate Technology).

“Continuing the NORDSATSING initiative is a positive and purposeful measure for the further development of good research environments in Northern Norway,” says Norut CEO Ivan Burkow.

“This initiative covers research topics that are contributing to supporting future business development in Northern Norway,” says Burkow.

Earth observation

The Arctic Earth Observation, which is managed by Norut, is aimed at developing new technologies to provide safer and more precise information about environmental changes as a result of increased economic activity in the High North. The project covers education, basic and applied research on new technologies for earth observation and surveillance using satellites.

Norut Tromsø is responsible for this project. Other project partners are Narvik University College, University of Tromsø, Norwegian Polar Institute, Norwegian Institute of Air Research (NILU), International Research in Stavanger (IRIS) and Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI).

The project is also supported by EnergyCampus North, while Andøya Rocket Range will participate with scientific equipment. Norinnova will contribute in the commercialisation phase. Kongsberg Satellite and Kongsberg Spacetec are partners on the user side.

Cold Tech

The Cold Tech project is managed by Norut Narvik and is aimed at infrastructures and operations in cold climates. It will consist of in-depth research activities combining technological aspects with the elements of nature represented by ice, atmospheric icing, wind, snow, humidity and darkness. It will result in sustainable infrastructures and industrial installations in the Arctic regions.

The NORDSATSING initiative was established in 2009. The aim is to strengthen and further develop research competencies in Northern Norway in the thematic priority areas of tourism and Arctic technology.

Five projects have received funding and these shall contribute to developing competencies that can create the basis for value creation in Northern Norway. The initiative was implemented by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development and the Research Council of Norway, and it is an important objective that the research shall be applicable to the business community on a regional and national basis.

Visit the ColdTech webpage.