Seminar on biohydrometallurgy

Seminar on biohydrometallurgy

May 12, 2011

During 24-25th of May 2011, Norut Narvik shall arrange a seminar at Kjeøy Research & Education Center to exchange knowledge on Biohydrometallurgy.


Biohydrometallurgy is the use of microorganisms to extract and recover metals from metal bearing ores and tailings.

Biohydrometallurgy can be used as an alternative to traditional mineral processing methods for extracting metals from low grade ores, from ores which contain elements that would lead to smelter damage or where environmental conditions favor biotechnological options.

INDNOR pre-project

Norut Narvik received funding from the INDNOR program of Norwegian Research Council to establish contact with Indian partners and organize a knowledge exchange seminar on biohydrometallurgy.

The aim is to strengthen Norwegian competence on Biohydrometallurgy and also to prepare a full project application to the Norwegian Research Council for this year.

Experts in the field from Sweden, Finland, India, and Norway will be invited to the seminar as well as representatives for the Norwegian mining industries.

The seminar will be held at Kjeøy Research and Education Centre in Lødingen municipal in the county of Nordland.

Contact personProject leader Dr. Nga Phuong Dang, Norut Narvik