Solar cells of the future

Solar cells of the future

February 16, 2010

Four new laboratories are being built in Narvik. Scheduled for completion in April, they will be used to develop the solar cells of the future.

Norut Narvik and Innotech Solar (ITS) are collaborating to build a research centre with four laboratories. The laboratories are being built on the floor above ITS’ solar cell factory.

Close to production

Research and production will soon take place under the same roof.

“With this model, the distance between production, research, technology development and education will be extremely efficient,” says the Managing Director of Norut Narvik, Terje Nordvåg.

“Narvik’s hi-tech environment will be further strengthened,” he says, adding: “We envisage future Master’s theses and PhD projects.”

Wanted: more research scientists

Norut Narvik currently has 10-12 people attached to their research group for renewable energy. More people are now being employed to work in the purpose-built laboratories.

“In total, we want around 20 people to work in connection with the laboratories,” says Nordvåg.

Click here for information about the vacant positions.

Good infrastructure and a specialist environment in which education, research and production are closely connected increases the attractiveness for suitably qualified applicants. Norut Narvik’s team of research scientists already comprises many with international backgrounds.

Different laboratories

The four laboratories are designed with different functions in mind:


  • Characterisation of materials and cells
  • Wet chemistry / electrochemical processing
  • Testing of pilot projects
  • PV / modules


Norut and ITS envisage that other actors in Narvik, such as Narvik University College and REC Scancell, can also make use of the laboratories.

Contact person: Norut Narvik Managing Director Terje Nordvåg