Tourism in the Nordic region

Tourism in the Nordic region

January 16, 2009

The first ever book about the tourism industry in the Nordic region has been published - and research scientists from Norut Tromsø are among the contributors.

Travel and tourism is an area of strategic importance at a national level as well as in rural areas facing a threat of depopulation.

As part of the government's efforts in the High North, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development has allocated NOK 50 million for the establishment of a company for the coordinated tourism marketing of the three northernmost counties of Norway.

Focus on tourism research

The Ministry has allocated a further NOK 35 million per year for an eight-year period to strengthen development of the tourism industry and Arctic technology, through a focus on research-based knowledge within these areas.

Norut is now collaborating with other research communities in Northern Norway to find the right direction for these initiatives.

In this context, the book Nordic Tourism - Issues and Cases is of great current interest. The book is a collection of research-based knowledge about the tourism industry in the Nordic region.

Two of the contributors, Trude Borch and Jan Åge Riseth, are research scientists at Norut Tromsø. Borch says that the book's main target market is students and researchers.

Coastal and fishing tourism

Trude Borch contributed a case study about fishing tourism in Norway.

"I describe the development of saltwater fishing as a tourist experience in Norway, and the economic opportunities as well as resource management challenges which have followed in the wake of the rapid growth in this sector of the Norwegian tourism industry," says Borch.

"What we see is a tourism activity experiencing rapid and unplanned growth. The authorities and tourism actors have in recent years worked to regulate and professionalise this field. This includes a quality assurance scheme for fishing tourism operators which Norut contributed to the development of."

Protected areas

Jan Åge Riseth, in collaboration with colleague Tor Arnesen from the Eastern Norway Research Institute, has analysed the development of protected areas in Norway.

"We have registered a rapid growth in the number and total size of protected areas in Norway over the past two decades," says Riseth. "In many places, this has led to opposition from Sami reindeer herders, farmers and villagers. People on the fringes want to preserve our nature, but they do not want more centralised control."

"The authorities invite people to a meeting, but in many cases it appears a decision has already been reached. With respect to the expansion of the Øvre Dividal National Park, the authorities rejected genuine dialogue and forced their plans upon the local population, municipality, land owners and other authorities."

Tourism in the Nordic region

Nordic Tourism - Issues and Cases looks in greater depth at the following aspects of tourism in the north:


  • Tourism Marketing
  • Tourism Governance and Planning Issues
  • Urban Tourism
  • Rural Tourism
  • Nature-Based Tourism In Northern Wildernesses
  • Coastal, Marine and Ocean Tourism
  • Second Homes in the Nordic Countries
  • Culture and Tourism
  • Winter Tourism
  • The Future of Nordic Tourism


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The publisher has the following to say about the book:

"Tourism is an increasingly important industry in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) that is integral to economic, social and sustainable development.

Nordic Tourism is the first comprehensive and accessible introduction to tourism in the region and also includes case studies from leading Nordic researchers on specific destinations, attractions, resources, concepts and issues."