When is Spring coming?

When is Spring coming?

April 5, 2004

Norut IT is managing the research project PhenoClim, funded by the Norwegian Research Council where the objective is to monitor climate changes. More than 100 elementary schools registered when birches started leafing in 2003, and the results so far correlates well with information from satellite images.

The PhenoClim project monitors climate changes. We register the start date for Spring, mid-Summer and Fall by combining remote sensing information with in-situ data. We are cooperating with a network of more than 100 elementary schools that are registering when birches start leafing. So far, the results are correlating well with the information gathered from satellite images.

The project has discovered that Spring starts significantly earlier now than 20 years ago in large parts of the south and west of Norway. However, we see indications that Spring starts later in the Arctic areas of the Scandinavian countries and the Kola Peninsula. We are currently working on identifying the reasons for these climatic changes. The PhenoClim project lasts until 2007 and eight Norwegian research institutes are paricipating in the project.

Norut IT has one of the largest research groups in Norway on earth observation technology with a unique crossfunctional competency. The research institute reperesents a national resource with excellent skills in methods and technology for satellite based remote sensing technlogy.