The Norut history, a summary

FORUT, Research Foundation of the University of Tromso, is created in the inaugural meeting 16 March 1984.

FORUT get 4 departments: Department of Social Planning, Department of Information Technology, Department of Marine Biotechnology and Department of Structural Engineering and Materials Science.

Three of the units are converted into limited companies (AS) in the summer of 1991: FORUT Informasjonsteknologi AS, FORUT Samfunnsforskning AS og FORUT Teknologi AS.

NORUT Gruppen AS is formed 27 February 1992, with subsidiaries Fiskeriforskning AS, NORUT Informasjonsteknologi AS, NORUT Samfunnsforskning AS og NORUT Teknologi AS. The group has about 200 employees.

NORUT Gruppen and its subsidiaries NORUT Samfunnsforskning and NORUT Informasjonsteknologi move into the newly constructed Science Park in Tromsø.

NORUT Medicine and Health AS is established in March, and is a subsidiary of NORUT Gruppen and co-located with the NORUT companies in the Research Park.

The foundation Finnmarksforskning is converted to NORUT Finnmark AS and included as a subsidiary of NORUT Gruppen.

1. September SFF in Bergen is integrated into Fiskeriforskning AS as Department for food development and marine processing. All companies in NORUT Gruppen gets a joint logo.

1. January Norut Finnmark and NIBR's department in Northern Norway merge as Norut NIBR Finnmark AS. 1. May Norconserv is formed as a subsidiary of Fiskeriforskning AS. In December the Tromsø Science Park change name to NorInnova AS and become a subsidiary of Norut Gruppen. The foundation FORUT is dissolved and the University of Tromsø become the majority owner of Norut. The Norut group now has nearly 300 employees and operations in Alta, Tromso, Narvik, Bergen and Stavanger.

Norut Medicine and Health AS is converted to TTO Nord AS, where Norut Gruppen has a stake of 25%.

The government decides to establish Nofima, a research group for the marine and food industry, where Fiskeriforskning will be included.

In the spring Norut Informasjonsteknologi AS and Norut Samfunnsforskning AS merges and become Norut AS. 27 August Norut Gruppen shell their shares in Firskeriforskning to NOFIMA.
4. December Norut AS and Norut Gruppen AS merge into one company; Northern Research Institute Tromsø AS. All the Norut companies get new names and new logo.
The new companies are (short name in parentheses):
Northern Research Institute Tromsø (Norut Tromsø)
Northern Research Institute Narvik (Norut Narvik)
Northern Research Institute Alta (Norut Alta)

17. June the Board of Norut Tromsø approves the establishment of a new Department of Industrial and Medical Biotechnology - BIO.

Norut turns 25 years old. In May the construction of the Science Park 3rd phase starts.

Norut Tromsø moves into Research Park 3 building in January. In February Norinnova and TTO Nord merge to become Norinnova Technology Transfer AS. 25 May is the official opening of the building and the Barents BioCentre.

1th of September Norut Tromsø and Norut Alta merge to become Norut Northern Research Institute, kalled Norut.  

Norut is planning to merge with the new research institute NORCE.

The transfer of ownership is implementet April 1st 2019. Norut is now a part of NORCE.

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