Norut Narvik

Norut Narvik

Norut Narvik is a technological research institute that solves challenges and delivers high quality services.

Employees:                      30 (Norut Narvik Employees)
Contact:                            Norut Narvik contact info
Managing Director:      Terje Nordvåg
Chair of the Board:       Hans Olav Karde
Location:                          Rombaksveien 47, N- 8517 Narvik

Norut Narvik offers highly competent technological research for our clients in Norway and abroad.

In addition, we offer laboratory services, networks, knowledge and assistance in obtaining R & D funding.

Several PhD candidates are linked to the institute, which is characterized by an international environment and close collaboration with Narvik University College.

Norut Narvik’s partners comprise several large companies, including the following examples:

• LKAB, the Norwegian National Rail Administration (Jernbaneverket), Statkraft, Nordkraft, Shell and Total as well as university colleges and universities

• Narvik University College, Luleå Technical University, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Uppsala University, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Frauenhofer

Organisation Norut Narvik (formerly Norut Technology AS) comprises several research groups linked to Norut’s research areas (check the top right).

The Norut Group has a 50 % shareholding in the company, while Narvik University College/ForteNarvik has a 50 % shareholding.

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Renewable energy
Norut Narvik conducts research and development with emphasis on solar cells. The solar production group works within the entire production chain of silicon, from ingotting to modules. 

Structural engineering
Norut Narvik performs research and development tasks of high quality within calculation of structural mechanics and simulation of physical phenomena and processes, and modelling of the mechanical properties of materials. 

Material technology
Norut Narvik performs research and development activities within the fields of decay of concrete structures, maintenance, repair and strengthening of concrete structures, corrosion protection and surface treatment, concrete technology, composite, materials, metallurgy and welding.

Cold climate technology
Norut Narvik is doing research and development on tetsing of materials, structures and equipment in a low-temperature laboratory down to -40 deg C, analysis of freezing stresses in materials, snow and ice loadings on structures, analysis of thermal stresses and strains in structures simulation of phase transition (freezing/thawing) in materials and more.

Environmental technology
Norut Narvik is doing research and development within the fields of waste treatment, bio-energy, production process optimisation, epatation technology, gas and oil industry processing and lab/analysis sevices.