Energy Effective Buildings in Arctic Communities (EEBAK)

Energy Effective Buildings in Arctic Communities (EEBAK)

Start-up year

Start-up year: 

Closing year

Closing year: 

NORUT Narvik is participating in a Interreg Nord VA project regarding energy effectivisation of buildings. The main goal of the project is to raise competence in the public sector and communities in the North Calotte region within the topic of energy effectivisation of buildings in the Arctic. ‘Best Available Technologies’ for energy effectivization shall be identified from a review of low energy house projects in the region, as well as actions for rehabilitation of existing buildings. Knowledge shall be gathered from, and disseminated to public sector authorities.  

The first implementations of Passive- and Low Energy Houses in the North Calotte region were made in the last 10 years. Sharing of practical experience from operation can benefit other projects. Delays in time-limited research projects has often meant restrictions in the follow-up of Low Energy building research projects. During the course of the project the project partners shall make a systematic evaluation of their respective earlier projects as well as gather experience and data from other Low Energy Building projects.

Since Low Energy House technology is becoming a mature technology the Norwegian government’s financial incentive programme for energy effectivisation of buildings has shifted focus to the rehabilitation of existing buildings. Therefore the project shall also examine the effic iency of actions for improving the energy effectiveness of existing buildings.