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Luleå University of Technology, Skellefteå Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences Frostware AB Norut Alta

Treatment of diabetes type 1 is based on insulin supplementation as well as nutrition and exercise. The challenge is to keep good glycemic control, balancing carbohydrate intake with exercise and insulin.

Existing educational material for children consists mainly of brochures, board games and textbooks. Little attention is given the need of hands on experience, which is a problem because children learn better when they can experiment and try things out themselves.

Many diabetic children have only little contact with other diabetic children their age. This is a problem because peer support is known crucial in order to be able to cope with the disease for the rest of their lives. There is a need both to socialize with others in the same situation and to learn from the example of others.

Since children enjoy playing computer games, we believe that a good approach to disperse knowledge to the target group of children aged 8-12 is through learning games connected to a social platform.

The main objective of MeetPlayLearn2 is to strengthen the co-operation between game researchers and the new and growing game industry across borders in the region. The sub objectives are:

(a) Create meeting arenas where the researchers, health care authorities and the related game industry can meet.

(b) Create a framework for how to develop games that can be provided to the companies. The MeetPlayLearn2 framework will consist of guidelines and theory.

(c) Build an example minigame for children age 8-12 with diabetes.