Sami entrepreneurs and research collaboration

Sami entrepreneurs and research collaboration

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Regionalt forskningsfond and The research Council of Norway. 


UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Dalarna University, Sweeden.

Research collaborations are important to innovate in a knowledge driven economy. Entrepreneurship is essential to economic growth in Sami areas.

Creating collaborations between entrepreneurs and researchers is challenging. This is partly due to the type of knowledge embedded in the respective traditions. The unique knowledge of the Sami people is anchored in their socio-cultural relations, which shape their thoughts about entrepreneurship. This type of knowledge is important for researchers to understand to initiate research collaborations.

To get more insights into how the processes of entrepreneurship is influenced by the Sami’s socio-cultural embeddedness and to bridge the knowledge gap, this project will make an effort to consider the situation from the perspective of the Sami entrepreneurs. Therefore, the project research teams aim to explore a co-creative form of inquiry, emphasizing the dialog between the participating Sami entrepreneurs and the project team.

The project will bring together researchers from Norut, UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Dalarne University, and industry professionals from Visit North Norway and Sami entrepreneurs. They will meet together in dialog cafes to discuss interview process, results and future challenges for Sami entrepreneurs. These meetings constitute an important part of the project.