Remote Sensing, Satellites and UAS

Remote Sensing, Satellites and UAS


Arctic Frontiers

The upcoming conference Arctic Frontiers 2019 in Tromsø - Smart Arctic - gives several opportunities to get a taste of the ongoing research taking place at NORCE. Get the overview here.

SAAB Skeldar V-200.

Norut is partner in a consortium chosen to provide emissions monitoring along the coasts of Europe, using drone technology.


NORCE is becoming even stronger as Norut merges with the new research institute.

3D image of the Raipas quarry in Alta. Photo: Vidar Kilen, Norut.

Drones were flying all over Finnmark county lately, from Alta in the west to Vardø in the east and from Mehamn on the coast to Karasjok on the mountain plateau.

In August 2014, the ground-based radar measured large movements (marked in red) in the rock glaciers at Ádjet in Troms county. (Photo: Norut).

The acceleration of rock glaciers in Scandinavia has been documented for the first time. It can be linked to the thawing of the permafrost in the north.

Screenshot from the Chopin website ( Photo: © Airbus.

Insects sticking to aircraft cause friction and lead to increased fuel consumption. Drones will now be used to test surface coatings designed to limit the insect pests.

No, it’s not a bath tub. The pod the aircraft technicians from Bromma Air Maintenance are installing under the body of the Dornier contains equipment you normally find in remote-sensing satellites. Photo: Rannveig H. Stiberg.

A regular scheduled passenger aircraft will for the first time fly with equipment and high-resolution imaging systems normally used on satellites. Scientists believe this is the start of a new era for collecting environmental data and that the aircraft will also increase safety and emergency response in the Arctic.

Pilot Andrè Kjellstrup with the drone, Kraken, in the air over Andøya on 17 April this year. Photo: Markus Eckerstorfer.

The radar onboard the drone Kraken can measure snow depth, image snow layers and see objects under the snow. Earlier in the spring, Norut demonstrated how drones can contribute to emergency preparedness involving avalanches.