Remote Sensing, Satellites and UAS

Remote Sensing, Satellites and UAS


A joint research program has been launched by Discover Petroleum and Norut.

Special skills are related to signal analysis and image processing, particularly related to:

The hydropower business desire improved methods for calculating the amounts of water that will drain into their reservoirs. Norut IT will develop new methods for remote sensing of snow in the mountains.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) open new frontiers and possibilities within scientific research, resource management, and surveillance. Norut IT tested its newly acquired airplane in Troms September 1st and 2nd.

Land deformations after the earthquake in Bam, Iran Dec. 26th 2003 can be shown with surprising accuracy. Using radar satellite, scientists at Norut IT are able to detect surface displacements in the millimeter range.

A new ESA project will study how a new type of radar satellite can be used to improve measurements of snow water equivalent. Project leader is Norut IT.

Every nation has its own ideas about what a map should look like, but soon we will get harmonized vegetation maps from Nothern Scandinavia on the web.