Stein Rune Karlsen

Research theme: 

Bioclimatology, phenology, biodiversity, reindeer range mapping, and
vegetation mapping in boreal, alpine, and arctic areas. 


Current position: Research Scientist at Norut IT.

1993: M.Sc. in plant ecology, University of Tromsø.

2005: Dr.Sc. in plant ecology (bioclimatology), University of Tromsø.

1995 - : Research Scientist at Norut IT.


I have a Ph.D. (Dr. Scient.) in plant ecology. Thesis on 'New methods for bioclimatic mapping of arctic, alpine, and boreal areas'. In my thesis I developed a floristic-based method for local bioclimatic mapping, in East Greenland, a vegetation-based method for regional bioclimatic mapping, on Varangerhalvøya peninsula, North Norway, and a remote sensing (TI NDVI) based method for continental scale bioclimatic mapping, in Fennoscandia .


Experience: Satellite-based vegetation mapping in alpine and boreal areas, reindeer range mapping, establishing of national parks, biodiversity, and forestry mapping. At present my main interest is satellite-based study of the seasonal dynamics of vegetation (phenology) in Fennoscandia. In these studies I am looking for evidences of changes in the timing of spring and autumn due to climatic changes.

Work areas: 

Remote sensing and Geographical Information System (ArcInfo) in vegetation mapping, reindeer range mapping, bioclimatic mapping, phenological studies, and different environmental studies.