Jannike Falk-Andersson

Research theme: 

I am a researcher in marine resource management specialising in interdisciplinary tools for an ecosystem approach to management. I have an interdisciplinary degree with a BSc from University of Cape Town in ecology and zoology, an MSc in international fisheries management and a PhD in social sciences from University of Tromsø integrating ecological and social sciences in the context of marine resource management.

My main case study has been the Barents Sea ecosystem and respective resource users and beneficiaries. Throughout my career I have had a special focus on outreach both to scientific fellows and the general public. In addition to publications in natural and social science peer reviewed journals and presentations at numerous scientific conferences, I have taken public outreach courses and communicated with stakeholders through focus groups, newspaper articles, project home pages and you tube videos on marine management issues. I also have experience in writing applications for research grants and running projects.

  • Philosophiae Doctor in Social Science, thesis “Management of the alien invasive red king crab- integrating natural and social science perspectives”.
  • PhD courses: Philosophy of Science, Valuation methodologies for Marine Environments, “Trade, property rights and biodiversity”, Stated preference research, “The economics of ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation”, “Ecosystems, management and marine reserves”.
  • University of British Columbia, Canada (Ecopath with Ecosim-      ecosystem modelling tool)
  • University of Tromsø, Norway (First year courses in biology,      chemistry, mathematics, philosophy and fishery biology (1.5 years).      Statistical course in multivariate analysis, MSc course in advanced      natural resource economics).
  • BSc in ecology and zoology at University of Cape Town (Botany,      zoology, ecology, marine biology, fresh water biology, biological      modelling, statistics, African dance, African music.). (2 years).
  • Master in International Fisheries Management at Norwegian College      of Fishery Science. (Economics, fisheries biology and harvesting      technology, fisheries ecology, fisheries development, fisheries economics,      fisheries data analysis, fisheries management, research seminar). MSc      thesis: ”Ecosystem effects of red king crab invasion – a modelling      approach using Ecopath with Ecosim”. (2 years).
  • PhD program at the Department of Economics, University of Tromsø      (started summer 2006).