Ingar Mæhlum Arntzen


Research in infrastructure for multi-device web applications. In particular, I work with Shared Motion, a novel mechanism for distributed timing and media control on the Web. This technology is invented and developed at Norut, by colleague Njål Borch and myself.  


Ingar has been working at Norut since 2009, with a main focus on distributed media synchronization. This work has resulted in the invention of Media State Vectors, the technology behind Shared Motion, and Composite Media, a new paradigm for online media - based on Shared Motion. Ingar is also the co-founder of Norut spinoff Motion Corporation, targeting the commercialisation of Shared Motion.

Ingar has a Msc (2010) from University in Tromsø (UIT), Department of Computer Science, and has also followed the PhD program there for 3 years (not completed).