ICT Research at Norut

ICT Research at Norut

31. mai 2011

Norut has a long research tradition with net-centric computing applied in important application areas, and currently our strongest focus is on; e-health technology and services; social media and health 2.0, serious games for health and wellness; networked media and peer-to-peer systems; and robust and seamless communication for challenging environments and unmanned Aircraft System.

Our research approach is experimental and we implement systems in order to test and evaluate our approach. Norut cooperates with European partners in several international projects funded by various research and development programs of the European Union, and in 2010 more than a third of the department’s turnover was from international sources. We also maintain long term collaborations with international research partners, through collaborating projects, research stays and exchange of students.

The research within e-health at Norut is within the following research areas; Personalized health systems; Social Media, health 2.0 and Virtual Worlds; Serious games for health and wellness; Smart environments and Ambient Assisted Living; Social and persuasive technologies; and mobile health applications.

We currently take part in two European AAL-funded projects; IS-ACTIVE on person-centric healthcare solution for patients with chronic conditions based on the recent advances in wireless inertial sensing systems, and JoinIn on overcoming barriers for senior citizens by joining fun activities.

Norut works closely with the Norwegian centre for telemedicine on several international and Norwegian research projects, we collaborate with the University of Tromsø, and is a founding partner of Tromsø Telemedicine Laboratory (TTL) – a Centre for Research-based Innovation.

The research on networked multimedia at Norut is focused on peer-to-peer technology, digital networked multimedia distribution, and self-configuring data storages systems.

A large part of our activity take part in the European FP7 projects P2P-next on building the next generation Peer-to-Peer content delivery platform. Norut also established and run the Far North Living Lab initiative for user driven research, which provides excellent access to a wide variety of festivals and other culture arrangements, as well as venues and local companies.

The research on robust and seamless communication for challenging environments addresses net-centric computing in areas with weak communication infrastructure. This encompasses the computing platform and communication system for Norut’s unmanned aerial vehicles system (UAV).

Our research on flexible communication system and payload control is a central component in the operation of Norut’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle system, and its platform for scientific data collection, in various scenarios within environment and security. Norut’s UAV activity is currently attracting much interest, thus giving good opportunities for doing innovative research with a new technology and platform in areas important to industry and society.

We also participated in the European FP7 N4C project on Networking for Communications Challenged Communities, on applications and services based on Delay Tolerant Networking protocols.